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Breeding analysis

For us our model of production line is a simple cycle. We breed from dams with strong bloodlines for jumping. We have the opportunity to include the right thoroughbred lines to our dam lines based on our experience from racing, including racing over fences. We know which thoroughbred blood lines have the potential to produce a champion show jumper. This is based on the thoroughbred dam’s male line´s achievements and temperament together with what the dam herself has accomplished.

To breed successful show jumpers from thoroughbred horses is not an easy task. We started up with solid mares and if they were impossible to buy we leased them a year and matched them to a champion show jumper stallion. The filly foals founded a new line and a solid ground for our enterprise. When the opportunity was there, we also acquired mares from strong show jumping families.

We bred the best thoroughbred dams, initially frequently to Robin Z to get willingness to achieve and power into the horse. The second generation has taken the route to Chacco-Blue, Messenger, Untouchable, Clinton I, Clinton II and Quintender amongst others. Rapidsrock is looking for stallions who are making themselves a dynasty. We are not out scouting for promising young stallions, our broad mares are too valuable to us. We try to let other people do the testing.

fr vänster Makebelieve, Accolade dräktig med Messenger och Chin to ChinÅrsföl 2013 fux George Washington, brun m svart på grimman Messageinabottle, brun med lite orange på grimman Career Diplomat, rumpan på stoet In Loco sticker upp

Ballet Ballerina** (right),

 a typical model of the thoroughbred mares

we started off with

With Saddlers Wells, Ela-Mana-Mou and Busted in her pedigree she has exceptional sires to carry jumping ability. The family has been generous to us for generations and the dam of Ballet Ballerina** has amongst her progeny produced 16 wins. Ballet Ballerina** was early retired to stud as a show jumping producer due to her size, standing 172 cm. Her first offspring Cruzifix scored 9-9 in jumping at 3-year-old test 2011 and she also has a very talented 5-year-old by Robin Z, Robin the Bank.


Tomorrow Today**,

brother to Ballet Ballerina** winning steeplechase