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Karin Forsberg

Karin dreamed of her own horse since early years, finally getting one at age of 16. With a talent for dressage, she discovered the thrill of horse racing when meeting Per-Ola. With a strong business mindset, Karin is the critical eye of Rapidsrock, managing the farm and the strategic decisions to be taken.

Karin started riding from an early age, and after training others’ horses during her youth she finally got her first own horse at age of 16. When meeting Per-Ola, Karin started working the thoroughbreds together with him. With an enhanced understanding of the horse’s mind and balance when training the racehorses, Karin competed completely up to M level in dressage. Due to a riding accident damaging her leg and a working career that needed more attention, Karin continued working the horses in her spare time. Today, Karin contributes to the farm activities by exercising youngsters and developing the farm.


Karin has a Master of Science in chemical engineering from the Lund University, Faculty of Engineering and has a background having leading positions in food processing, utility and manufacturing industries. She currently holds a position as President for Business Unit Energy Separation at Alfa Laval.

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