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It's a passion

and a dream!

We bring as much energy into analyzing our dams as any other horse at Rapidsrock. They are our backbone to build our success. And they do know it, it is a proud herd or ladies that allows us to dream year after year


To breed successful show jumpers from the basis of a thoroughbred horse is not an easy task. Before Rapidsrock was even founded, we started up the breeding activities with solid dams. If we were not able to buy them at the time, we leased them a year and matched them to a champion show jumper stallion.

Rapidsrock is looking for stallions who are making themselves a dynasty or we strongly believe will succeed in order to build our own success. 

In the early years of Rapidsrock, we covered the fillies as three year olds to search for new successful lines where our initial thoroughbred mares had been influenced by solidly successful jumping stallions. As of 2013, we pick out the fillys to become breeding mares and let them fully concentrate on that task and do not breed any youngsters for a one off foal before the showjumping career.

We bred the best thoroughbred dams, initially frequently to Robin Z to get willingness to achieve and power into the horses. The second generation has taken the route to Chacco-Blue, Messenger, Untouchable, Clinton II, Varihoka du Temple, Qualdandro and Grey Top amongst others.

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