a childhood dream

Rapidsrock was founded in 2012! But it really started long before that...

It started with a young blond boy in Norway and a vivant of a girl in Sweden. The common denominator, a passion for horses and a dream of someday having their own stud. 


In 1984, Karin and Per-Ola met and they were (and are) inseparable. With Per-Ola's drive and constant search for improvement, and Karin's patience and analyzing the most strategic next move, they became true partners. One could say that they built on one another; Karin improving Per-Ola's feel for dressage and Per-Olas input with what he's learned in the showjumping arena. However, they both met on the horseracing-scene with an eagerness to learn more about the horse's mind.  


And that goes back way before Rapidsrock was established. 

The family has been into horses for decades. It started with show jumping and dressage but took a turn to horse racing for almost three decades before we finally found the way back to showjumping.

race track 




Training racehorses taught us well, bringing back an understanding not only on how to strengthen a horse physically but also mentally.

To understand the mind of the horse is crucial when preparing youngsters for their big tasks; no matter if it is the first time jumping with a rider on their back, or when they are doing their first big championship.

The years training racehorses taught us to see the horses as individuals and learning their strengths and weaknesses to help them develop and live up to their true potential.   

and we dream on!

Rapidsrock has set out to accomplish the outstanding -

To produce international showjumpers for the big arenas. 

Wisdom from training racehorses. Dedication in producing showjumpers. It has all come down to this moment! Being able to offer our customers access to well-bred horses with the ability to succeed. We are confident that champions will be found among our production.