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Breeding analysis

It starts with a dream

Every foal is a plan and presents a new possibility. From the very beginning, when matching the mare to the right stallion, the dreams are teasing the mind of us all. And the dreams and opportunities continue while watching them grow

into young horses as they develop their own personalities and set of skills. Even after a sale, our dreams do not stop, as the great dream is to see our horses prosper on the big arenas around the world.   

Our dams

The Dams of Rapidsrock

We breed from dams with strong bloodlines for jumping. When we started breeding show jumpers, we mainly used thoroughbred dams to get blood in from the maternal side. 


The knowledge from horse racing and steeplechase tought us which thoroughbred blood lines that have the potential to produce a future jumping champion and we focused our breeding on those dams. The plan was to replace the thoroughbred mares with their daughters, pushing the thoroughbred back in line, but still keeping the energy and natural jump. We also added dams from strong showjumping families when given the chance. 

The bloodline of the dam is of great importance, but also physical capabilities to carry a foal, her character and own achievements.

That is why we have a strong focus on only keeping dams that are strong enough to carry a foal and give the energy during pregnancy but also until weaning. In addition, our dams need to be cool and comfortable mothers to give the foals the confidence they later will need in their sporting career.


Katie Robinzon 

Katie Robinzon, born 2003 by Robin Z and Kite’s Kate (by Royal Whip xx – Mr Franklin xx), comes from a strong thoroughbred dam line. Her dam Kite´s Kate xx won as a 2-y old, but more important she has a sensational jump line. We asked the owner of Kite´s Kate to lease her for one year and brought her to Robin Z and hoped for a filly foal. The result was Katie Robinzon.


She was a marvellous young horse doing everything right and demonstrated ample of natural talent. We decided to breed her as a 3-y old and then prepare her for the show jumping circuit. Unfortunately, she tore off a muscle during her foaling and had to be retired as a broad mare. A tragedy for us at the time, but she continues to pass her ability to her progeny and today we are happy she was prematurely included in our broad mare band. Already, her first foal Uncle Blue is the winner of Swedish Breeders Trophy for 5-y-olds and later on 5*160 horse.

2008 Uncle Blue by Chacco-Blue, bay colt

2009 Not covered

2010 Chaccolat by Chacco-Blue, brown colt

2011 Serendipity Boy by Cassiano, grey colt

2012 Chin to Chin by Chin Top, brown filly

2013 Career Diplomat by Messenger, bay colt

2014  Baranquilla by Baracuda, chestnut filly

2015 Entitled Ease by Qualdandro, brown filly

2016 Vivid by Vivant van de Heffinck, brown filly

2017 Jeanne Darc by Kanndarco, bay filly

2019 Greytful by Grey Top, brown filly

2020 Prevail by Varihoka du Temple, brown colt


Affinity, born 2011 by Clinton II and Alright By Me xx (by Be My Chief xx), had an accident as a 2-y old and was covered the same year. She has proven herself as a great dam year after year since.


Affinity stems from a dam line of strong racehorses over hurdles. Affinity´s mother, Alright By Me xx, won as a two year old on flat, beating a really good horse. With a love to jump and strong take off, she was later twice tried over jumps. On her debut, Alright By Me xx ran a really fine race, jumping spectacular over the hurdles and finished a clear second. Her jumping was so good that the second time out over jumps, she was tried in the Queens Vase at the big Stockholm Cup meeting. She ran a blinder and once again jumped spectacular to finish second behind a dual Derby winner. Unluckily, she overreached at the last fence and was too early retired as a broad mare and started this family.

2014 Épreuve d’ Artiste by Messenger, chestnut colt

2015 Affirmed by Sandokan, bay colt

2016 Bon Vivant by Vivant van de Heffinck, brown colt

2017 Infinity by Ketanou, chesnut filly

2019 Stalwart by Grey Top, brown colt

2020 Affiliation by Diaron, chestnut filly


Épreuve d'Artiste, Affinity's first offspring by Messanger at Falsterbo Horse Show's 6-y old final 2020

Photo: Roland Thunholm

4473298_small (2).jpg

J'm'en Balance

J’m’en Balance, born 2009 by Clinton I and Alright By Me xx (by Be My Chief xx) was competed up to 140 cm level with several wins in 130 cm level. She is an effective jumper, with an explosive take off and positive mindset. Due to an injury while competing, J’m’en Balance was covered in 2018 and has provided Rapidsrock with two great offsprings.


In the autumn of 2020, J’m’en Balance was taken back into training to restart her career on the show arenas. For a full profile of J'm'en Balance, please visit her horse profile here

2019 Plein du Vitalité by Caroly, chestnut filly

2020 Chevalier du Temple by Varihoka du Temple, chestnut colt


Bonanza, born 2010 by Clinton II and Bezza xx (by Bob Back xx) was covered as a 3-y old, before starting her career as a show jumper, and is the dam of Outlaw by Untouchable. She then went into the sport competing in the 5-y old championships and established herself successfully up to 130 cm level as a 7-y old.


In the autumn of 2020, Bonanza was taken back into training to restart her career on the show arenas. For a full profile of Bonanza, please visit her horse profile here


Bob Back xx has been one of the top ten steeplechase stallions over more than a decade in Great Britain.

2014 Outlaw by Untouchable, grey filly

2019 Puzzle by Kanndarco, dark brown filly

2020 Greyz by Grey Top, grey filly 



Baluna Baluna, born 2008 by Baloubet du Rouet and Windys Prinzess (by Palisandergrund) was proving herself as an effective jumper and competed up to 130 cm level. In spring 2017, we had the opportunity to acquire this lovely mare. There was no need for consideration, and she was immediately incorporated her to our broad mare band.


2018 Hoolabalou by L.B. Casanova, chesnut colt

2019 Hallabalou by Qualdandro, chesnut filly

Hallabalou as a yearling (2020)

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