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Stables & training grounds

The training facilities encompass 60 acres of undulating land sheltered by mixed beech forestry parties and hillsides with juniper, typical for this area. Both youngsters and older horses enjoy working out on the 2 200 m training track taking them to the beautiful view on top of the ridge Knivsåsen (the knife ridge).


Normally an exercise starts with a lap on this track. A nice trot uphill and a good walk downhill before the actual work starts on the outdoor schooling paddock or riding hall get both horses and riders in the right mood for training. For the same reason, a trot after a schooling session gives the horse motivation for next days’ training.

The young horses do most of their build-up work on the training track to gain strength and balance before they take on exercise to educate them as jumpers. In this way the young horses are kept happy and full of motivation, preparing them, and laying the foundation to physically and mentally sustain the long education to the highest level.


The farm with its pastures, grazing land, and stables are designed to be a healthy and good place for a foal to develop into a sound, strong, and well-educated horse. We chose our land in the south of Sweden just as carefully as we do everything else. We found the farm with enough land and hills located in a beautiful landscape.

The environment admits its own shelter for a calm and relaxed growth for the youngsters and also the hills allow developing physical strength and balance. Since then, we have produced horses, and today we have 20-25 horses at home. Our progeny has served us well and their attitude to cooperate and accomplish things harmonies equally well with our own ambition.

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