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Entitled Ease

Entitled Ease, by Qualdandro and Katie Robinzon, is a big, elegant horse. She has a strong, natural jump and good rideability. With a positive mindset and attentiveness on obstacles, Entitled Ease is a lovely horse to work with, but will need time to mature and fill out.


Entitled Ease is out of the same mare as Uncle Blue, Katie Robinzon. Uncle Blue has proven himself competitive at 5* 160 cm level, both when competed by Olympic rider Peder Fredricson´s stable and when sold to Spencer Brittan (USA).



Entitled Ease

Katie Robinzon

Galoubet A (SF)

Stella (SF)


Ramiro Z

Alpha Z

Royal Whip xx

Fly High Kite xx

Quick Star (SF)

Aldandra (ex Alisa 15)

Robin Z

Kite's Kate xx


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