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Per-Ola Forsberg

With a passion for horses since his early years, Per-Ola has always had an interest in the psychology of the horse. He has competed as a rider in eventing, horse racing and show jumping up to S-level. With a B.Sc degree in Economics from the Lund University and experience from multinational corporations and now operationally active in life-science companies, Per-Ola adds in a business perspective to the world of horses. 

Per-Ola developed a dedication for horses from a very early age, constantly seeking knowledge and combining it with experience to a successful philosophy with the health of the horse as the focal point. Practising different disciplines widened the understanding of all the facets to horses and what it takes to develop performers. From a showjumping and eventing-career in the early days, the interest gradually was passed onto horse racing and the thrill of bringing a fragile juvenile to success on the racetrack. This taught him the necessary care and attention to breeding, feeding and training a young growing horse, a skill which he has passed onto the breeding philosophy of show jumpers.


Since the early years of the 21st century, the show jumpers gained more attention in his life, mainly thanks to the two daughters’ interest in the sport. The combination of thoroughbreds in the bloodlines and internationally successful show jumpers attracted Per-Ola´s attention and were a spark to start breeding.


Per-Ola has a B.Sc degree in Economics from the Lund University and has had a professional career in leading positions in banking, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and the life-science industry. Per-Ola is a member of the Swedish Jockey Club.

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